About us

During challenging times of global pandemic we united the team of professional digital content creators. Migel Radriges Production represents the summary experience of all our specialists which was brought from different corners of the world. 
MRP producing all kinds of digital content using creative minds of our experienced team and latest technologies. • Photos;• Videos;• Animated motion pictures;• 3D design;• Editing, coloring and sound-design;• Scriptwriting, directing and moviemaking – everything you need for successful advertising of your product. 
The goal is not just creating beautiful shots and bringing to life your ideas – the main focus Is to give the best result for customers such as increasing income of your business through our professional care starting from the first step with camera and finishing with the excellent post-production work. 
Why to choose us:• Quality;• Speed;• Wide and creative spectrum of our abilities;• Possibility to choose the right specialist for your;• Individual approach to client’s needs;• Brilliant feedbacks: dramatically raised statistics of the income after shooting provided from our customers and the portfolio which speaks for itself. 

We looking forward to become best friends for your company and interested in the long term collaborations. That’s why we are always ready to reflect the strongest sides of your product, support your ideas or supply the client’s customers with fresh new vision of his items.