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    STAY Wellbeing & Lifestyle Resort

    I highly recommend Migel for professional photography focused on Real Estate, Professional Portraits, and Product Photography. He is very discerning, detail-oriented, and definitely knows how to bring your property to the spotlight!
    He also counts with suitable high-quality equipment for each photoshoot! We have hired him for three photoshoots of STAY Resort's outlets: Fresca Kitchens & Deli, Stay Green Cafe, and STAY FIT gym. I am pleased to have worked with him as I could see how much dedication he has given in order to get outstanding results!

    Patricia NunezDigital Marketing Executive STAY Wellbeing & Lifestyle Resort

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    Pullman Phuket Panwa Resort

    We worked with Migel Radriges for photo shoot of wedding and conference rooms setups and we have found his professional skills in photography with his professional camera tools and equipments. In addition, he always suggested us for pre-arrange, during shooting and even post production (retouching). He work very fast for post production and very flexible when we would like to have any amendments about photo retouch. If we could have a chance to work with him once again, we would be no doubt to say “yes” for him. Lastly, thank you for not just photos, but marketing photography.

    Songphop DulphinitphatthanaMarketing Communications ManagerPullman Phuket Panwa Beach Resort

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    Royal Phuket Marina

    We have engaged Migel for several projects – for property photoshoot as well as photoshoots of our marina facilities. He is a very professional, easy to work with and always willing to go extra mile to get the best pictures. We are very pleased with the results - he always strives for perfection and delivers on time.

    Elena Dragunova,
    Director of Sales and Marketing
    Royal Phuket Marina

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    Wyndham Grand Kalim Bay

    To Whom It May Concern:This letter provides me the opportunity to recommend Migel Radriges as a professional hospitality industry hotographer in Phuket. His work spoke for itself. After seeing only a handful of photos he had gracefully mastered, our decision was intended to capturing of our meeting room and new areas of the hotel. We received the final product of our shoot. We were thrilled! The passion Migel exerted to provide the highest quality results speaks volumes for his professionalism and commitment. He applied his knowledge, equipment, talents, but most of all his creativity to provide the highest possible quality and matched with hospitality industry.

    Nopparada (Nora ) Peeranon
    Marketing Communications Manager

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    Migel is has extensive experience in photography, it reflected in the works we’ve done together. Attention to positions, lighting, sun rays etc in order to compose a beautiful image, Migel was willing to go the extra mile to make “magic” happen. At the same time he was enjoyable to work with, fun and calming character, highly recommended.

    Pieter Willaert
    Director of Sales & Marketing
    Burasari Group Co., Ltd.

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    Real Estate Development

    Migel loves what he is doing and we believe this is the most important part in business. It was easy to explain what we need to show about our properties and it was a pleasure to get even more than we expected. In the age of internet, websites, social networks content is the most important part of marketing. We recommend working with professionals enthusiastic about their work, such as Migel.

    Andrey and Kae,owners of Phuket9 Real Estate Development,Rawai VIP Villas,Rawai Park

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    Utopia Development

    It was a pleasure working with Migel. He doesn’t only take photos but he creates art with passion. He put all his time to take the perfect shot and don’t hesitate to go the extra mile to get the work done. We are happy with the results and lucky to have Migel’s photos to represent us on internet.

    Brian UNAT
    Marketing Director
    Utopia Development

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    Hotels & Resort

    Since Migel and his team photographed one of our properties, the bookings have noticeable increased. People make decisions nowadays on visuals, ‘a picture is worth 1000 words’. When people see a picture of a ocation/venue and all its beauty, it encourages making the booking step a lot easier for guest, as they can visualize and imagine themselves there.Migel worked very hard to capture the natural beauty and played with lighting in a way I had never seen before. He studies his angels to capture the best possible shot. We have recommended Migel to all our other properties and look forward to working with him again soon in the near future.

    Daniela Yard-Young
    Marketing director at Unicorn Hotels & Resort
    Bangkok, Thailand

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    KA Villa Phuket

    It was a pleasure working with Migel Radriges.He’s very professional in his work and pay a lot of attention to the details and any requests we had.The video and pictures were ready on time and they came out beyond our expectation!Amazing job, very well done! Highly recommended!

    Jaruwan (Danai) Sae-ueh
    Project Manager

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    Wyndham Grand
    Nai Harn Beach Phuket

    Thank you very much Migel, it was a pleasure to work with you. The team and I are very happy with our results of your photoshoot and look forward to working with again in the near future.

    Greg Harrison
    General Manager Wyndham Grand
    Nai Harn Beach Phuket

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    The Rapukit Physical Therapy and Wellness

    Migel's work process is not only shooting a photo but also fill a vision in a gap to present our place more perfect by his photo.If you looking for a photoshoot to present a beautiful realistic photo of your place and services. Try to contact Migel.

    Thitipong N.
    Physical Therapy Clinic manager
    The Rapukit Physical Therapy and Wellness

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    The Cove
    Phi Phi

    Migel has a great eyes for angles, corners, and can turn any ordinary scene to a beautiful, magnificent one. He is heavily invested in his equipment, and together with his talent, you are guaranteed the highest quality of work. He is very professional, easy to communicate, and committed to his projects. He is extremely determined for the perfect photos, he is willing to goes an extra miles to make that happen. Overall, it was a great privilege working with Migel and we are definitely looking forward to working with him again.

    Pam Pongsuwon
    The Cove Phi Phi Owner

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    It was a great pleasure to work with Migel Radriges. Burasari made a good choice to choose him as our property photographer. He is perfectionist, patient and his way to work is very professional and healways strive to give you the best result. He use the last technology to shoot your property and the quality of his work content is impressive. I highly recommend Migel to do any of your Sales & Marketing.

    Lukas Gerber
    General Manager
    Burasari Resort

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    Jungle Xtreme Park

    Best photographer with whom I worked for the last 25 years! Very professional in work and pleasant in communication. The work was done on time and excellent!

    Anatoliy S.
    CEO, Jungle Xtreme Adventures Co., Ltd

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    Gamers Paradise Hotel

    We hired Miger Radriges for renovate our hotel photos and we actually improve our hotel presentation on another level. Great room and food photos, great postproduction and overwall quality of work. Deffenetly can reccomend!

    Dmitry Mikhailov
    Director Gamers Paradise Hotel

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    Tropic Look

    We work with Migel many years and we always get what we need and even more. More than 100 TropicLook properties have been visualised by his team. We are very confident that visual content is a corner stone of success for every Hospitality Company. Time, money, style - just call Migel.

    Artur Donetskiy
    Managing Director TropicLook Co., Ltd

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    Holy Cow Phuket

    We ordered from Migel a minimal design and high-quality day-evening photography in two apartments in the Aristo-2 condo. Everything was adequate and clear. According to preliminary data, the conversion of viewing and booking objects with a photo of Miguel is about 2 times higher than that of our same objects in the same condo.We continue measurements and we will definitely continue cooperation.

    Anton Petrov
    CEO Holy Cow Phuket

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    Best House

    The work of Migel is the work of a true professional, combining modern technology and exquisite artistry.Working with his materials is a real pleasure for us, because it has become much easier for our customers to make decisions in favor of booking our resort real estate.Working with the best is the key to success. Thank you very much to Migel for his skill and talent!I look forward to a new job at one of our beautiful villas and highly recommend Migel to all colleagues in our business!

    Dmitry AnanevCo-owner & Director of Marketing and DevelopmentBest House

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    Sky Property

    Migel has established himself as a high-level professional. Working with him was easy and comfortable. The work was completed on time and the results exceeded our expectations. The photos were excellent.

    SergeySky Property

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    Nai Harn Condominium

    Thank you for your professional approach and amazing, professional photos!
    Excellent pictures that we successfully use in our work.
    Miguel was a great help in organizing and preparing objects for shooting, choosing the time based on technical and other important aspects. Everything was discussed in advance, important advice was given on preparing for photography.
    Impressive, clear photographs that capture the natural atmosphere and natural colors of indoor and outdoor space, which is not easy to do in interior photography.
    Another very important point, Miguel captured one of the main advantages of the interior of our property - the large space of the premises - very natural and harmonious, without frame distortion.
    We quickly received ready-made photos. We use it with pleasure and gratitude.

    Vadim Kungutsev
    Owner Nai Harn Condominium

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    CapitalPro Phuket

    We have been working with Migel for 3 years and shooting over 50 properties for rent and sale.
    We trust our objects only to him.
    It is very pleasant to work with a talented professional.
    Easy, stylish, affordable!
    I recommend Migel to all my partners and friends!

    Anna FominaCEO at CapitalPro Phuket Co Ltd

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    Staccounting and law office

    Photoshoot for company profile to create the company website.Professional in photography and creativity in designing to take good photos and having emotions in taking photos and have fun working together. Every thing on time.

    Sunisa TuckerDirector at Staccounting and law office Co., ltd